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The Express Lane for Young Adults is an audacious call-to-action; a comprehensive template of self-empowerment,

meticulously curated with the sole focus of inspiring and kickstarting the lives of all young adults.


From an identity-seeking college student to self-made author, artist, and entrepreneur, Tara Sibel Demren revisits key moments between the ages of 18-23 that propelled her own personal journey which paved a unique road of endless possibility, growth, and fulfillment. Utilizing her signature existential concept of The Butterfly Effect Mindset, Tara expands on the profound importance of compounded time and explores how being young and inexperienced is actually an advantageous power that should be championed and leveraged to the fullest.


With over 77 “Checkpoints” and “To-Dos,” and an extensive online Toolkit, The Express Lane for Young Adults is a companion piece that will guide readers in identifying and crafting crucial catalysts. These catalysts are necessary to unfurl a rewarding future of abundant opportunity through the strategic execution of small, but meaningful steps that will culminate in leading a life path where one is truly proud of.

"Like the flap of a butterfly's wing, it's the little things that make up, shape, and ultimately define our lives."

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Note from Author


"Never touch anything with half your heart,”

is the personal motto that Tara Sibel Demren strives to emulate in every facet of her approach to life. She pours her entire being into the many passions that set her soul on fire which include being an entrepreneur, artist, author, aspiring modern philosopher, and published poet. 


Quite simply, Tara is driven by an innate desire to capture and share the human experience through her many mediums of creation. An old soul, but a kid at heart, Tara views the world around her with an existential lens that prompts her to grasp life by the horns fearlessly. Born in Paris to loving parents from Istanbul and New York City, Tara was raised in Miami and fell in love with art, philosophy, and design at the young impressionable age of 12. She’s been referred to as a “Renaissance woman” by many for her multi-faceted interests and hunger to keep learning more. When she’s not creating or learning, Tara enjoys keeping active and often times can be found paddle-boarding, cooking, and spending time with her friends and family.


Tara got on her own Express Lane during Freshman year, that led to the unfolding of an unconventional young adult life which she reflects upon in this book. It was her relatability and positive outlook that gained her a trusted and loyal audience of a younger generation that yearned for more meaningful lives. This is the very reason that “The Express Lane for Young Adults,” has been realized, so that Tara’s insights and takeaways would be easily accessible to all. 


You can learn more about Tara, including her artwork and poetry, at and @TaraSibelArt. 

“Do it with passion, or not at all.”

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